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Club Allegro Fortissimo, Paris 1989, by William Klein

Experiences, thoughts, and feeling about being a fat person in a sexual culture, sexual situations, and intimate relationships will be explored, explained, and validated.  Through shared understanding people find the best in themselves and others.

This book was amazing. It was absolutely not what I expected. "Fat Sex" -- I really thought it was going to be a little bit raunchier, and stories from different people patched together. However, it was far better. The author tells the story of many different people who happen to be fat. It is a really sensitive and engaging group of stories that detail the love lives of these people, and how their size has affected their relationships. - Caitlin Day


This is s the first book I have bought on this topic. I wasn't really sure what to expect because the subject matter could be expressed on many levels. The book involves a series of memoirs, with great details. The stories are varied, and I think anyone intrigued by this topic can find one story that they either really enjoy, or they may end up finding one that is similar to something they have experienced. I did not expect the latter to apply to me, but the man in chapter 8 and I are basically clones. (Laughs)

The author makes it a point to cite studies to balance things out. A lot of people may not take the idea of the book itself very seriously without those details. In the beginning I felt this was unnecessary. But given the topic, and the amount of hatred that we as a collective have for our bodies these days, I feel as though it does have its place. There's enough of the story to keep you intrigued, but the citations act as segues and small notes to add to some of the details. It is very well written.

One thing I find refreshing is that the book is really balanced. Like it wasn't intended to be erotica, but some of the details are racy. It is also prose, but some of the quotes, expressions, and details are engaging. It is right in the middle.
Rebecca also did great research on common terminology in online communities dedicated to the subject, and that helps to bring in new readers who may not be familiar.

I would recommend this book to big people, admirers like myself, and really anyone that can really empathize with this topic. It is very well done. - DT


What I especially like about this book is that it's an anthology of fat people wherein sex is not a taboo subject. The fat sex part is not sensationalist nor is it overdone; it is a component within the often complex world of fat people who live in a society that favors the thin. The book is well-edited in it's content... the author has her say about matters but its not a diatribe or lecture as in some other FA books I have read. The author's comments are well balanced and meaningful insertions into the stories included in the book. This is a nice addition to expanding content within Fat Studies. - Solopsikat



In Rebecca Jane Weinstein's book, Fat Sex: The Naked Truth, we learn that not only do fat folks get it on in various ways with each other and folks all along the spectrum but that they do it shame free too. Granted, for some that occurs after coming to a hard fought understanding that no one ever feels like they are perfect but damned if you can't make your way to the point where you feel good enough to enjoy your own life, your own genitals and someone else's too! If you want to know that it is alright to get down with abandon while fat, you should read this book. No excuses or justifications are needed. You, as a fat person, deserve to have a sex life. Read this book, which is not an instruction manual but rather a permission manual in fine storytelling form, and realize that it is okay to be down about things that are tough to change (being fat can be hard as hell, making mistakes never ends) or damn near impossible to change (other people will be mean on purpose and on accident and many of them will be people you love or who are supposed to love you), then get back up, shake off the haters, naysayers and jerks and get on down with the kick ass person of your choice and live your sexy life! - Marianne Bratton Davies


This book is written in a style reminiscent of the serious but casual discussions around the fire in the student center. It also reminds me of serious informative discussions with many a wiser person. This topic and the related issues surrounding being a fat person, especially a fat woman, and the facts of life about love and/or sexual relationships were never [before] discussed in a helpful, encouraging, factual, or healthy way. This book shows by example as well as with an interweaving of a variety facts that all of what I (and we in this world) have been told and believe to be true about fat people and love relationships has not been the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The love life of fat people can be quite wonderful in fact.

I would most definitely recommend this book. I wish I had had it when I was about age 9 onwards to help me understand more and get hurt less in a world determined to crush me. - Daphne Yvonne Bradshaw




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