An outstanding work -- better than I imagined it could be. - Bill Fabrey, NAAFA Founder

Real talk beyond popular percetions. - The TODAY Show

A heartfelt, informative page-turner - Mark Ebner, Journalist & NY Times best selling author

Despite its jump-off-the-page title, Fat Sex: The Naked Truth is much more of a pleasant surprise than a shocking one.... Fat Sex's greatest charm is its heartbreaking relatability." - The Portland Phoenix


Fat Sex affirms what I have known intuitively all along -- women of all sizes and shapes are sexy, passionate, desirable creatures with romantic and sexual lives. - Adios Barbie

Everyone deserves to feel love and to have good sex. We're glad to see this conversation continue.... We only get one body. If we don't love ourselves and treat ourselves well, who will? - Yahoo! TV


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Issues include:fat sex, fat kids, fat shaming, binge eating disorder, obesity in America, causes of obesity, obesity in children, childhood obesity statistics, causes of childhood obesity, childhood obesity prevention

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