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An outstanding work -- better than I imagined it could be. - Bill Fabrey, NAAFA Founder

Real talk beyond popular percetions. - The TODAY Show

A heartfelt, informative page-turner - Mark Ebner, Journalist & NY Times best selling author

Despite its jump-off-the-page title, Fat Sex: The Naked Truth is much more of a pleasant surprise than a shocking one.... Fat Sex's greatest charm is its heartbreaking relatability." - The Portland Phoenix


Fat Sex affirms what I have known intuitively all along -- women of all sizes and shapes are sexy, passionate, desirable creatures with romantic and sexual lives. - Adios Barbie

Everyone deserves to feel love and to have good sex. We're glad to see this conversation continue.... We only get one body. If we don't love ourselves and treat ourselves well, who will? - Yahoo! TV



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Rebecca Jane Weinstein is not a sexologist and this book, Fat Sex: The Naked Truth, is not a “how-to” manual for putting the hot with the heavy. Instead, this is a delightful collection of people’s stories, a kind of collective memoir in which Weinstein interweaves her own story and her considerable knowledge and research with the stories of real people talking about their real experiences in relationships.

The only two things everyone has in common in this collective memoir is fatness and sexuality Not all folks are fat. Some love fat people but are not fat themselves. Not all folks are sexually active. But all have something to say about working out sexual issues and fat issues in a society that doesn’t really want to talk about either. This is why I found the project worthy of notice as a sociologist.

What I like most about Fat Sex is that instead of a clinical, psychological or sociological account attempting to disprove the negative, the book relies simply upon the human voice to show the humanity....  The support that the book received may signal a change both in attitudes about fat and about sex, at least a tiny bit of hope.  Reception since the book became available has been positive, with Weinstein appearing on radio and TV shows nationwide, including two wonderful segments on NBC's Today Show.- Pattie Thomas, PhD

Fat Sex is an honest narrative portrayal of several normal, sexual people deemed unacceptably "overweight" by societal standards. Don't let the title fool you; this book is NOT a Kama Sutra for fat people, but a confessional about the pain and insecurity of wanting a healthy love life while being considered "unworthy" of such a thing. Ultimately, this book is about fat people's quests for love and acceptance.

Fat Sex is not only about the experiences--both good and not-so good--of fat people as sexual beings; it also tells the story of those who desire fat people: Fat Admirers and "Chubby Chasers." Admirers are typically left out of fat acceptance literature, but Weinstein gives them a space and a voice in her book. Thus, Fat Sex drives home the fact that many people are attracted to fat men and women, but societal standards keep them from embracing their attraction. This book is inspirational to both fat people and "closeted" fat admirers looking for a sense of camaraderie.

Lastly, this book is a general portrayal of the struggles fat people go through, in general. We all know that self-esteem plays a large role in one's sex life. People approach or don't approach sex, have or don't have sex, based on self-worth and the particularities of their attractions. This book chronicles several people's experiences with overcoming societal obstacles to have a healthy and fulfilled love life. It addresses the misconceptions about fat people and dismisses stereotypes of laziness and unhealthy lifestyles. It exposes much rhetoric about "the obesity epidemic" as mere hatred and bigotry. This book is very dynamic. Although sex is its focal point, it addresses the fat experience, in general.

This is a good read for people of all sizes; it provides a perspective of which most are either unaware of misinformed. - Erec Smith, PhD

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